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Choosing the Right Bed for Your Vietnam Bedroom

April 30, 2017 • Eugene King

Some people find searching for a bed fun while others consider it a rather daunting task. The truth is this task is more difficult than it seems, especially if you are a couple and then two body types need to be catered for. You may think it isn’t possible to find a perfect bed that will suit both you and your loved one. Here are some tips that on how to choose the right bed for you and your partner with ease.

Consider Your Spinal Alignment

It is very important to find Beds that satisfy your spinal alignment. If you suffer from sciatica or spine curvature disorders such as scoliosis and kyphosis, you need to get a bed that has an ergonomic design and proper back support. If your spine isn’t properly aligned while you’re sleeping, your spine’s condition can deteriorate, and you will have an uncomfortable night’s rest every single time. You know how awful your day can be when you wake up with a sense of pain and tiredness in the morning. That is why it is best to get an orthopedically enhanced bed that will provide you adequate spine alignment.

Another factor that is important to consider that can also affect your spine is the sturdiness of the bed. It is best to get a bed that has a sturdy base and it’s supported by five or six legs. Beds that are very soft may seem comfortable, but they are not the right option for your health.

Weight Capacity and Overall Comfort

If you are buying a bed for you and your spouse, make sure you don’t get a bed with Kids Beds features. You need an adult sized bed with the appropriate frame and weight capacity. When searching for a double bed, have in mind that the bed’s weight capacity mustn’t be below your combined weight. If you get a bed that can’t properly support your weight, it will quickly deteriorate and decay. Beds usually have a weight capacity from 150 to 200 kilograms. Choose the one that will ideally suit both you and your partner.

The biggest mistake couples make when buying a bed is purchasing it simply because it looks good. For example, Loft Beds are very aesthetically pleasing and interesting, especially for kids, but they are rather uncomfortable and unsafe. To make sure you are making the right choice, it is best to test the bed before buying it. Take your time to lie on the bad while it is on the showroom floor in the furniture store and get a pillow. Try laying on your back and both sides to feel how the bed reacts to the contours of your body. Once you’ve checked all the facts and tested the bed, check if it has a warranty. To make sure you are purchasing a quality piece of furniture, buy only beds that have a warranty of 10 years. If the bed you are considering to buy has a warranty, this means the manufacturer is confident that their furniture is designed according to highest quality standards.