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How To Store Winter Clothes & Other Seasonal Items

February 10, 2017 • Eugene King

Before you start your journey to Vietnam, there is one important thing you need to take care of back home. You should keep all your winter clothes and other seasonal items in self storage.

Lots of people have found that if they pack up their seasonal accessories and items and put them in an indoor storage unit, their home stays more organized, allowing them to easily find the items they need at the appropriate time.

The first step in organizing your home for spring is packing up any winter items you no longer need, and while this may seem a daunting task, these helpful tips will make it much quicker and easier to achieve.

winter clothes

Storing Your Winter Clothing

Look through the wardrobe and take out any items that you will no longer require in the spring or summer months. You could also take this time to give any unwanted items that are taking up room in your closet or dresser to charity.

Any items that you wish to keep such as mittens, woolly hats, boots, scarves, sweaters, long johns or heavy coats can be put into storage. It makes sense to store similar objects together as this saves on space while making unpacking simpler.

Clean all items before storing them – you won’t want to store away dirty clothes for months at a time. Zip up any zippers and fasten any buttons as this will help you to maximize your space. Fold items carefully. Next, you need to choose the right container to suit your needs.

Cardboard boxes and garbage bags may trap moisture and end up covered in mold, so vacuum-sealed storage bags or plastic bins are a better solution. One good idea is to add moth balls or a tumble dryer sheet as this will help your clothes to smell fresh.


Snow Removal and Season Sporting Equipment

As well as clothes, sporting equipment is often stored during the off-season. Snowmobile or snowboard storage will free up plenty of room as it is unlikely that you will require any of these items during the spring or summer months.

You can put skis, sleds, poles, hockey equipment and ice skates into storage too as well as snow removal equipment like snow blowers, shovels and salt. While clothing is easy to store, snow removal equipment and sporting items cannot be folded away in a bin.

Shelving inside the storage unit is the perfect place to store any small items and larger items such as snowmobiles and snowboards should be covered before they are stored – preferably on a pallet to keep them away from ground level.


Are There Any Special Requirements For Storage?

Depending on the items that you are storing there may be some special requirements, for example a self-storage unit that has climate control. Certain electronic items or fabrics fare better in an environment that is climate controlled and therefore you should raise any issues like this with the storage facility before making your final decision.

A climate controlled environment keeps your storage unit within a particular temperature range while a unit that has no air conditioning or heating reflects the outside temperature.

Your requirement for an environment that is climate controlled depends on the type of belongings that you are putting into storage and any items requiring strict climate control are not suitable for storage inside a self-storage unit.


Make Your Springtime Organization Easier By Using Winter Storage

If you store any winter equipment or items that will not be required until the following winter it is much easier to carry out a complete spring clean of your home, making your organization much more effective.

It is always possible to access the storage unit should you need any winter gear for a summertime trip to colder climates.

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