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Firefighter Interview Tips

May 19, 2017 • Eugene King

One of the most fearsome steps of any hiring process is the interview. It tests everything that you have learned up until that moment and then some. Fire fighters protect life and property from fires and a variety of other emergencies. They are usually the first to respond to an emergency. Firefighters not only respond immediately to fires, accidents and medical emergencies, but at the scene, they will perform specific tasks to control these dangerous situations.

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Firefighter interview tips, questions with answers

For firefighter job interviews, you can anticipate targeted questions to determine if you have the interests, personal qualities, and skills that match the specific job requirements. In addition to knowing why you want the job, the interviewer will assess your qualifications to determine if you’re a match for what the employer is seeking in the candidates they hire.

“The following list was collected and compiled from various sources over a span of time by Emeryville firefighter (and LMC fire academy instructor), James Gundlach. If you go into an interview with answers to every question here, and pay heed to the tips which follow the questions, you will do good. You may not get the job, but you will have done well, and that counts for a lot.” Read more here……

You can find a more detailed list of questions and answers here. By now you have understood how tough a firefighter interview can be. But if you are really great at your job and extremely passionate about it, then no one can stop you from succeeding at such interviews. Here you can read about the

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